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KEY” is a producer and sound engineer in New York’s Hip Hop scene since the early 1990’s. KEY began as a popular dancer who appeared in videos such as CC Penniston’s hit Keep on Walkin’, MC Light’s 1992 hit Ice Cream Dream (for the soundtrack of ‘Mo Money’), DefJam Comedy and Monie Love’s 1991 hit Work It Out (on Boyz N the Hood Soundtrack), each of which saw heavy play on MTV and BET, KEY was later introduced to the production side of Hip Hop. Signing on as a junior engineer at Mind Management Studio in Jamaica, NY. He began working with the MPC60, and an ASR10 using a Mackie board and PROTOOLS. KEY worked his way up to Senior Engineer, teaching apprentice engineers and producing beats for clients on the fly. As his producing skills matured, KEY branched out and has begun producing For MEGASTARMUSIC and SELLING BEATS independently. His list of credits include beats for METHOD MAN, BLACK ROB, BUCKSHOT and CARON WHEELER. The list is still growing.

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